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The Italian cuisine of the past, traditional recipes and many useful tips to learn how to cook the typical dishes of the Cilento tradition

True Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine is one of the tastiest and healthiest that exists. Its dishes adapt to every palate and bring health benefits

Nonna Claudia

Nonna Claudia was born from the idea and desire to share and revive the atmosphere and history of traditional recipes Cilento, home of the Mediterranean diet. A magical land, to be enjoyed, where nature has given its best, for the variety and the high quality of the products and dishes that derive from it.

Broccoli rabe and sausages

Broccoli rabe and wild boar sausage is a recipe from Cilento and is the typical dish of hunters, thanks to their common hunting trips.

buffet | dinner | meat

cavatelli with ragout

Gnocchi with ragu: more than a dish, a way of being a dish that tells the culinary identity of the ancient Cilento and the Mediterranean diet.

Main Courses | lunch | pasta

Chocolate baskets

Nonna Claudia’s chocolate baskets is a recipe for filled cookies with cocoa cream, excellent for a snack or a quick snack for young and old.

desserts| baked | cookies

Potato gateau

The potato gateau or also called Gattò is a dish born at the court of the Bourbons in italy. A tasty flan of potatoes with mozzarella and ham.

main course | dinner | potatoes

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Cilento in Italy, home of the Mediterranean diet, a food and lifestyle. Based on foods such as bread, pasta, vegetables, extra virgin olive oil fish and meat thanks to which many recipes of the Cilento tradition are made.

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My Recipes

Pear Cake Vegan

Pear Cake Vegan

The pear cake vegan is a ciambellone, without eggs, milk and butter and is also ideal for vegetarians and those who are lactose intolerant.

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